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Invest in ME Research is a UK charity campaigning for a strategy of biomedical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and promoting better education about ME.

These pages describe the research projects concerning B-cell research and a clinical trial of rituximab that Invest in ME Research has initiated since the international biomedical Colloquium meeting and conference which the charity organised on 30/31 May 2013 and which was announced on Invest in ME Research website on 6th June 2013.

We have done this to further advance biomedical research into ME and provide hope for some to regain their lives, and for others to benefit from improved knowledge about this disease.

“Looking at the research directions currently being pursued in ME/CFS,
I am in no doubt that the usage of rituximab is one of the most promising.”

- Emeritus Professor Jonathan Edwards, UCL

 "A UK trial of rituximab is essential to move ME out of the realm of psychiatric dogma and into the realm of medical reality."

- Professor Malcolm Hooper & Margaret Williams

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Our Plan

Our proposal for an examination and research facility for ME - [ A Centre of Excellence for ME] included a national strategy of translational biomedical research into ME.
After having funded our foundation project [ further projects were initiated].

The UK rituximab and related B-cell research trial fits into this strategy perfectly.

Read our initial announcement (click here) as well as subsequent news items to follow the progress of this project.

From the beginning we aimed to build a fund to accomplish this ourselves but we recognised this was a huge task and therefore were happy to accept support and donations or pledges from others who have the same objectives as Invest in ME Research.

IiMER also discussed with our EMEA colleagues on ways to increase biomedical research into ME.

We are hopeful that projects being planned and funded by Invest in ME Research can make a real difference in treatment for ME patients.

B-cell Research and Rituximab Trial Information

Further information on the projects


A quick summary of the projects and background information.

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Some answers to frequently-asked questions and further information

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Detils of those supporting our research project and also those major donors.

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Useful Links and References

Some useful links and references for this project which also provide background information.

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Ways to Support

There are a number of ways to support this research - from actively fundraising through to supporting fundraising events

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News and Articles

News about the project work and articles of information about the research - including from the researchers.

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“Invest in ME are at the forefront of international biomedical research and have by sheer determination and effort managed to put things in place for a trial of rituximab to begin on ME patients in the UK.”

- Professor Malcolm Hooper & Margaret Williams

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