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Invest in ME initiated the Have a Cuppa for ME mornings - the first being held in November 2005.

Our supporters have suggested we restart this and so we are hoping to get lots of support for holding Have a Cuppa events to raise awareness of ME and funds for Invest in ME Research's research funds.

Use the following links to get more information, plan or attend an event, or see what ese is going on with Have A Cuppa For ME.

Invitation cards like the one on the right can be ordered from Invest in ME Research to help in organising your event.


You can Have a Cuppa for ME on any day of the year, of course!
It need not be a huge affair, if you can just manage to invite a couple of friends or neighbours in, even for half an hour (get them to make the Cuppa if you are not able) - then charge them for the privilege !
Ask friends, family, schools, local firms & businesses to get involved, maybe they could hold "Cuppa for M.E." Tea/Coffee breaks at work or on special school days.

Look at the locations below to see if there are any "Have a Cuppa" public events happening near you.
Posters are available in Word and are downloadable and of course the wording can be edited to suit your needs.
More about HACFME


The easy way to raise funds for biomedical research into ME. We ask supporters and friends to host their own Have a Cuppa Mornings and donations on the day are made to Invest in ME Research. One hundred HACFME events raising £500 would potentially fund a new three year research project.

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Hosting and arranging a HACFME event need not be difficult. It can match whatever one is able to do - whether it is a small gathering of friends and family or neighbours, to events on a local community level, to school teacher breaks and even in offices where team meetings or after noon breaks can be dedicated to raising awareness of ME and funds for Invest in ME Research's biomedical research projects.

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Let Everyone Know

We can help you to publicise your event or show others what you are doing.

Use social media - before and after the event - to describe the event.
Use local media also - every piece of publicity helps raise awareness of the true nature of this disease and what we, together, are doing about fixing it.

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Invite people. Friends, family, colleagues, neighbours. Invite them all with a lovely, easy e-invite. You can also get the word out by sharing your event on Facebook.

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Any Questions?

Answers to some of the common questions about HACFME events may be found using the link below.

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