Help to Plan Your HACFME Event

Thank you for supporting the charity by holding a Have a Cuppa for ME event.

Here are some simple instructions to help with planning the event.

Planning Your Event - Some Tips

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Decide date and time of the event.

Find the best time of day that suits you and those whom you will invite.

Decide on the duration for the event.

Use the aids supplied here. These include -

  • Customised poster - take a copy by clicking on the image to the right.
    Then modify it for your event.
  • Informational aids from IiMER - supplied by the charity on request.
  • Invitation cards (available from IiMER)

Set up a BT My Donate or a Just Giving page to help collect donations and track them.
Use our gift aid forms for those making donations by cheque.

Consider publicising the event on facebook (maybe via a special event page) and/or Twitter.
Use Twitter hashtag #HaveACuppaforME

Contact us to let us know you are planning an event and any ways we can help with publicity or fundraising aids.
We can add your event to the events map.

Remember - It need not be a huge affair, if you can just manage to invite a couple of friends or neighbours in ,even for half an hour (get them to make the Cuppa if you are not able).

Ask friends, family or local firms & businesses to get involved, maybe they could hold "Cuppa for M.E." Tea/Coffee breaks at work.

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