Dr. Sarah Myhill MD

Dr. Myhill is a general practitioner with a particular interest in chronic fatigue syndrome. She qualified from Middlesex Hospital Medical School with honours in 1981 and has worked in the NHS and in private practice.

Dr. Myhill is an active figure in the British Society of Allergy, Environmental  and Nutritional Medicine, and its Secretary and has been medical advisor to Action for ME.

Dr Myhill is interested in diagnosis in the correct sense, finding the cause of illness, not simply in treating the symptoms.

She has a special interest in treating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and have consulted over 100 farmers with CFS following organophosphate poisoning and 100 women with CFS following silicone poisoning either from breast implants or injection.

Over the past twenty years Dr. Myhill estimates to have seen over 1,500 cases of chronic fatigue syndrome largely caused by viral infection. During the early years she reported these cases individually to the Medical Devices Agency.