8th Invest in ME International ME (ME/CFS) Conference 2013
Infection, Immunity and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - Mainstreaming ME Research
Clinical and Research Updates

IIMEC8 - 31st May 2013 Westminster, London

09.00 - 17.30

CPD-Accredited Conference

Welcome to IIMEC8 in London.

Invest in ME is a UK charity campaigning for a strategy of biomedical research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and promoting better education about ME.

IIMEC8 is the eighth annual CPD-accredited biomedical research conference organised and hosted by the charity and now attracts presenters, researchers, physicians, patient groups and journalists from around the world.

The conference web site describes the conference, how to register, the venue and details of the presenters.



IIMEC8 - Infection, Immunity and ME

- Mainstreaming ME Research

Research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - specifically biomedical research into ME – has been receiving increasingly more attention from both major research institutes in several countries as well as national health organisations. The Medical Research Council (MRC) in the UK, the Food & Drug Administration and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in USA have created initiatives for new biomedical research into ME. In Norway the Norwegian Health Directorate have allocated funding for biomedical research into ME following the 2011 double blind randomised clinical trial using Rituximab (Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody) by Fluge et al (PLoS 6:10.Oct 2011) to successfully treat ME patients.

There is increasing research evidence of immune dysfunction in ME patients.
The UK MRC states -

“There is now preliminary evidence supporting the view that inflammatory mechanisms in the brain and spinal cord may underlie the pathophysiology of some severe disease CFS/ME phenotypes. Biobanks are now becoming available and create a unique opportunity for interrogation.”

The IIMEC8 conference will show some of the major initiatives being taken to set up a collaborative strategy for biomedical research into ME to further this complex but exciting area of research leading to appropriate patient care and mainstreaming this field of research as well as this disease.

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Our main web site is at www.investinme.org


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The conference will appeal to healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, paediatricians, occupational therapists, researchers, ME support groups, people with ME and those working in social services, educational support and the media.

The conference provides an opportunity for people within government, health departments, social services and education to be able to be informed of the true nature of ME and of the current status of diagnosis, treatment and current/future biomedical research possibilities.

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Past IiME Conferences

Our 2006 conference and our 2-day 2007 conference established a platform for presentation of biomedical research into ME.

Our 2008 conference in London focused on Sub Grouping and Treatments and showed indisputable proof from leading ME experts regarding the pathology of this illness.

Our 2009 conference concentrated on the severely-affected people with ME.

Our 2010 conference concentrated on the new era of ME research which had been created by awareness of the retroviral implications in ME. For 2011 the focus was on translational biomedical research into ME highlighting the need to initiate clinical trials using homogeneous patient cohorts and correct clinical guidelines.

The 2012 conference focused on the immunological basis of ME and was held shortly after the Clinical Autoimmunity Working Group convened in London [click here].

The education of healthcare staff about ME must reflect the latest knowledge about the pathogenesis of ME which high quality biomedical research is providing.

The presenters at the conference represent the world's most current ME/CFS knowledgebase regarding ME/CFS.

The conference provides the latest research and clinical information about ME and allows for the creation or resumption of unique networking opportunities with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced authorities on ME in the world.


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IiME Proposal for a Research and Examination Facility for ME

Translational biomedical research - an iterative feedback of information between the basic and clinical research domains in order to accelerate knowledge translation from the lab to the bedside and back to the lab again - needs to be implemented to translate the findings in basic research more quickly and efficiently into medical practice. This will produce more meaningful health outcomes and facilitate the sharing of repositories and research-based facilities and laboratories. This is the model IiME are attempting to promote in the proposal for an examination and research facility based in Norwich  [click here]

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