David Aaronovitch Book review “It’s All in Your Head: True Stories of Imaginary Illness by Suzanne O’Sullivan 6th June 2015

Invest in ME have submitted a letter to The Times in response to a review by David Aaronovitch of a book entitled “It’s All in Your Head: True Stories of Imaginary Illness"" by Suzanne O’Sullivan.

In our view this article and extracts from the book seek to retain the myths about ME which have been completely overturned by science and an increasing number of scientists and medical institutions.

We know from previous experience that these media organisations seem to be unaccountable and sloppy and poorly research articles about ME are often published without correct editorial review (we are still awaiting a response from the BBC to our multiple complaints regarding a similar simplistic and under-researched article on their web site).

Ignorance really should not be an option for newspapers which purport to be unbiased.

Normally, nowadays, we would not respond to fatuous articles - rather using our time to continue the more productive route of looking to the future.

Yet the distress that this sound bite-journalism causes to people suffering from this disease necessitates a response in this case.

Below is the letter from IiMER.

Here is the pdf version of our letter - 272kb


1 Instute of Medicine - “Beyond Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome""

2 NIH Pathways-to-Prevention Workshops

3 Invest in ME Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium 2015

Last Update June 2015