Fashion, Films, Theatre, Pantomimes
....and ME

We have so many great supporters who do so much – all unselfish acts asking nothing in return.
Without our supporters we would not be able to achieve so much.
It isn't possible to mention all supporters, however much we wanted.
However, as it is Christmas, and it should be a happy time, we thought that we would just have one day
where we could mention one supporter who brought a unique way of supporting IiMER while
at the same time bringing some glamour and fun to our world.

Jen Govey does not know that she is included in this advent calendar. But Jen always makes us smile and laugh – even on those days where workload and issues and frustration at slow progress can begin to get on top of us. We are sure many others agree.
Jen has created the #DressForME Challenge which aims to-
* Dress extraordinary and do something ordinary.
* Take a photo and post it on social media with the hashtag #DressForME
and a link to the fundraising page.
* Nominate 3 friends to join in!
Jen herself is ill with ME but she raises so much awareness and valuable funds for research.
ME can be the most isolated of worlds and the suffering is unacceptable.
Thanks to Jen for giving us some moments where we can forget about ME, if just for a short while.

Jen's fundraising page is here
Jen's facebook page is here

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