Dr. Ian Gibson  

Dr. Ian Gibson gained a BSc and later a PhD in genetics from Edinburgh University. Having worked for the University of East Anglia as a scientist and a senior biology lecturer. He served as the Dean of the School of Biological Sciences at University of East Anglia from 1991 to 1997 and headed a research team investigating various forms of cancer, including leukaemia, breast and prostate cancer. In 2003, the university made Dr. Gibson an Honorary Professor. Dr. Gibson served Norwich as a member of parliament for twelve years and was a member of the Select Committee on Innovation Universities Science and skills. He was a member of the science and technology select committee from his election in 1997 and served as its chairman between 2001-5. He was chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer.

His scientific background has meant that he has been involved in numbers of groups and charities. Whilst he was the dean of biology at the University of East Anglia he was the head of a research team investigating cancer, and has been awarded a 'Champion' award by Macmillan Cancer Relief for his work in support of people with cancer. Dr Gibson is uniquely qualified to comment on the role of politics in science.

Dr Gibson is part of the IiME team making a proposal to establish an examination and research facility at Norwich Research Park.