Dr Paul Cheney MD, PhD - Medical Director of the Cheney Clinic in Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Dr Paul Cheney
Dr. Paul Cheney, MD, PhD, is Medical Director of the Cheney Clinic in Asheville, North Carolina.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Cheney has been a pioneering clinical researcher in the field of ME/CFS and has been an internationally recognized authority on the subject of ME/CFS.

He has published numerous articles and lectured around the world on ME/CFS
. Dr. Cheney has been interested in many aspects of ME/CFS, and is author or co-author of numerous publications and scientific presentations in a range of fields relevant to the illness.

While practicing in Lake Tahoe in 1984-1987, Dr. Cheney, along with Dr. Dan Peterson, helped lead a research effort with the NIH, the CDC and Harvard University School of Medicine studying a localized outbreak of what would eventually be known as ME/CFS.
He was a founding Director of the American Association of CFS (now the International Association for CFS/ME).

Dr. Cheney holds a PhD in Physics from Duke University in Durham, NC and is a graduate (MD) of Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA where he also completed his internal medicine residency.  He is a board certified internist.

More recently, Dr. Cheney has been engaged in investigating the cardiac function of CFS patients, using Impedance Cardiography and Doppler Echocardiography. According to his paper presented at the 2007 IACFS/ME conference, "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients exhibit evidence of diastolic dysfunction at a level well above that reported for control populations of the same age. Energy dependent diastolic dysfunction would appear to be a hallmark of CFS and supports the hypothesis that CFS is a syndrome of cellular energy deficiency."

Since 1990, Dr. Cheney has headed the Cheney Clinic, presently located in Asheville, NC.  The Cheney Clinic specializes in evaluating CFS patients and has expertise in diagnosis, disability support for and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. No single clinic has drawn as many CFS patients (currently over 5,000) from as many states (48) and foreign countries (22) as has the Cheney Clinic.

The Cheney Clinic has evaluated over 8,000 patients from 48 states and 24 foreign countries and participated in an FDA-approved multi-center , a biological response pharmaceutical drug trial using Ampligen, a biological response modifier.