On Thursday, 22nd March 2007 the Norwegian ME-forening (ME Association) three members of the working committee were called to an urgent meeting at the Health Department. This was to inform the Norwegian ME Association that the Minister of Health, Sylvia Brustad, had received a report from the Social- and Health Directorate, who had put forward several proposals regarding ME. Without knowledge of the proposals in the report it was difficult for the ME group to make any comments.

On Friday 23rd March Ellen Piro was called to a press conference with the Minister of Health. The minister read up a long list of proposals which she stated would be put into effect to ensure that ME-patients get proper care. The minister has engaged herself personally in the case of ME.

The issue of ME was later discussed in Parliament on Thursday 29th March 2007 .

On 29th March 2007 a 1 hour and 10 minute debate in Stortinget (Norwegian Parliament) took place about ME and discussed what should be done about the situation which is estimated to affect 10,000 Norwegians. The Minister of Health made promises for future support, and this includes provision of funding for services, research and education. The minister has requested that people with ME and the ME support groups should be involved in every aspect of this.

Now Norway, a European state, has finally accepted the need for proper education, funding and treatment of myalgic encephalomyelitis and also accepted that the knowledge, experiences and views of patients need to be recognised and respected.

This itself has also generated a great deal of media interest in the subject in Norway.

The question now is how long before another European country accepts this same viewpoint and instigates similar actions - actions which ME support groups, people with ME and researchers of ME have known is necessary for far too long.

Here is a lesson for the UK organisations and offices - the Chief Medical Officer, the Medical Research Council and the Department of Health.

Norway has shown the way. Let the dominoes fall.

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13 March 2006

Norway's Puls editorial gives an update on the ME and meningitis vaccine  story from January with recognition now by the state that the evidence is strong enough to warrant further investigation. Read more by clicking the flag.
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Norwegian NICE

Norway's ME-Foreningen has previously been involved in formulation of NICE guidelines in Norway but had the integrity to pull out and voice their objections against the NICE document (Eva Stormorken from the ME group described the NICE guidelines as of bad quality, lacking in support from patient organisations and a scandal).

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From the ME Conference DVD - Severe ME as shown from Norwegian TV channel NRK's Puls programme.


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