Conference 2013 DVD Order

Invest in ME are producing a DVD of the conference.

The DVD will contain 4 discs - containing the full presentations from the 2013 conference plus plenary sessions.

Also included will be the IIMEC8 pre-conference dinner speech from Linda Tannenbaum of the Open Medicine Institute Foundation.


Ian Gibson   (conference chair)

Amolak Bansal

Clare Gerada

Mady Hornig

Andreas Kogelnik

Olav Mella

Øystein Fluge (see info box below)

Rakib Rayhan

Carmen Scheibenbogen

Don Staines

Greg Towers

and Linda Tannenbaum

See Agenda - click here


Location Cost
UK £14

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PAL (European) or NTSC (USA/Canada) regions available
Region code 0

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Info Note - Dr Fluge's presentation:

Unfortunately we have had a request from Dr Øystein Fluge and Professor Olav Mella to hold off from including Dr Fluge's presentation in the DVD at this time. 

This is because the Norwegian researchers have still not finalised their hypotheses for symptom maintenance in ME and do not feel comfortable with having this material distributed at this time. We are therefore bound to honour our agreement with Professor Mella and Dr Fluge.

However, the DVD still holds a great deal of education. It was the best conference yet.

We will retain the presentation from Dr Fluge and hope to come to an agreement on when it can be released at some point in the future. 


IIMEC8 2013 Conference Report