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Research into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

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IiME Newslett September 2015:

Dr. Mady Hornig Presenting in Norwich in October

Invest in ME (Research) are pleased to announce that we have arranged for Dr. Mady Hornig from Columbia Unviversity, New York, USA, to visit Norwich.

At the 10th Invest in ME International ME Conference 2015 Dr. Hornig was forced to leave early after her presentation due to family commitments.
Dr Hornig had already been participating in the Biomedical Research into ME 5 Colloquium for several days and gave an excellent presentation on her work at IIMEC10.

But now IiME will be able to organise a presentation again - this time in Norwich to support the charity's efforts in continuing to build on the current foundations of biomedical research into ME.

The details for the Research into ME meeting are -

The Lecture Theatre
The Enterprise Centre Norwich Research Park
Friday 23rd October 2015
17.30 refreshments - Start 18.30
Map Reference - click here
Opposite the Sportspark Swimming Hall/Athletics Track

The evening will include a questions and answer session and we hope to supplement the agenda with other speakers - more news later.


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