August 2012

Invest in ME are working in collaboration with Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation of Australia to try to raise the remaining funds required for a new flow cytometer for use by PHANU - Population Health and Neuroimmunology Unit.

The focus of PHANU is to investigate the pathomechanism of myalgic encephalomyelitis, as well as to develop novel biomarkers for the early diagnosis of the illness. Under the leadership of Professors Marshall-Gradisnik and Staines, PHANU works in close collaboration with Daniel Peterson MD Chief Investigator/Clinician of Simmaron Neuroimmune Research Foundation Nevada USA.

PHANU is seeking to obtain the new flow cytometer to continue their immunological and genetic investigations. This equipment upgrade is critical for their ongoing ME/CFS research programme examining spinal fluid and blood and will allow more advanced analysis of possible pathomechanisms.

The cost of the equipment is AUS$200,000. So far (August 2012) Aus$24,000 has been raised.

The Griffith University School of Medical Science Griffith Health Institute Population Health and Neuroimmunology Unit (PHANU) Steering Committee consists of Ross Humphreys, Professor Sonya Marshall Gradisnik PhD, Associate Professor (Adjunct)Don Staines MBBS MPH, Professor (Adjunct)Daniel Peterson MD, Christine Hunter AM.


Invest in ME are working on establishing an examination and research facility in Norwich, UK, to examine and diagnose ME patients properly and perform biomedical research into ME. The Let's Do It For ME campaign is doing an incredible job in raising funds for this cause and we are near to our first objective of getting the initial research project started. We believe there is room also to highlight worthwhile objectives elsewhere.

Invest in ME have also been working in collaboration with AHMF, more recently in forming the Clinical Autoimmunity Working Group which met in London in May and we see this new requirement as an urgent and necessary addition to our collaborative work.

Invest in ME will therefore be donating from our own funds as best we can as we believe this is vitally important. Hopefully the symbolic value of the continuing collaboration between two national charities will be influential in convincing other funding bodies to provide funding also.

We invite you to help us. Please support this appeal by raising awareness of the need. For those able to donate we have set up a PayPal donation button. All funds donated will be transferred to the Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation at regular intervals until the equipment can be purchased.

Please use our PayPal button below to donate online

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Alternatively, cheques may also be sent to  Invest in ME, marked AHMF Photo Cytometer, at this address -

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Donations can also be posted to -

Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation
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or alternatively faxed to 0011 61 2 9958 6285.

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NEWS September 2012:

Thank you to everyone for contributing to the Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation Appeal for the new flow cytometer.

This equipment upgrade is critical for their ongoing ME/CFS research programme examining spinal fluid and blood and will allow more advanced analysis of possible pathomechanisms.

Invest in ME have also contributed to the fund from our own reserves and we have  transferred a total of  £1200 to the Alison Hunter Memorial Foundations’s Research Fund.

Chris Hunter from AHMF has written and says – “That’s wonderful news - thank you so much. …this says everything about the help coming from the patients. It is more than they really can spare but they so badly want to support research.”

Thanks to everyone who has taken part.



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