The fundraising for the Invest in ME Biomedical Research Fund Rituximab Project will be carried out by Invest in ME and its supporters in Let's Do It for ME as well as others.

Currently details are few as we structure this project and begin the work to make it happen.

All funds for the Rituximab project will be isolated from the rest of the Biomedical Research Fund.

The Trial:
More details will be added here - or in a follow-on page, when we have those details.

How Much Needs To Be raised:
This will depend on many factors. As the project evolves we will be able to describe it here.

What Happens With These Funds If The Project Does Not Go Ahead:
If the rituximab project does not go ahead for some reason then the funds raised will be transferred to the IiME Biomedical Research Fund to fund other biomedical research projects which are attached to our proposal for an examination and research facility based in Norwich Research park in Norfolk, UK. These funds will only be used for biomedical research into ME.

Invest in ME:
Invest in ME is formed from volunteers. There are no salaries and no funds will be used for administration costs. All funds raised will be used in full for financing the UK Rituximab project.