The ME/CFS Conference aims to educate and provide current information to healthcare professionals (GPs, paediatricians, nurses) and researchers and to educate the media and politicians who are involved in establishing news or debate regarding healthcare. People with ME and their carers and ME Support Groups are also welcome.

The series of lectures will focus on treatments, care and medical information and research and will provide a broad range of valuable information for all.

The conference will provide a chance to hear the latest news on ME from the most prominent speakers within the ME community - in ME Awareness Month 2007.

Conference Agenda

DAY 1 - 1st May 2007 - ME Awareness & Support Pre-Conference Day

  • This agenda is subject to change -

Start Presenter Presentation

Registration & Media interviews

10.30 IiME Welcome to the Conference


Norman Lamb MP

Opening Speech/Key Note Speech

RESEARCH & FUNDING – A Review of Current Work & Requirements


Dr. Derek Pheby

Case Study - Epidemiology of ME/CFS


Dr. Jonathan Kerr

Case Study - Biomedical research

(A view of a biomedical research team, how it is funded, what it needs, how it could be improved, what the future research would look like)




Professor Kenny De Meirleir

Treatments for ME/CFS

Integrative & Complimentary Medicine


Annette Whittemore

A Model ME/CFS Clinic - The CFS Clinic – Reno, Nevada, USA


Dr Daniel Peterson Biomedical Research


Dr. Vance Spence

Biomedical Research into ME/CFS: where does it go from here


Professor Malcolm Hooper

Future ME/CFS Projects - Research being planned & Common Aims - how to get researchers working together

15.15 Coffee/tea Break


Ellen Piro

NICE Guidelines – Experiences from Norway


Dr. Byron Hyde

ME and Insurance companies


Open forum


Common Campaigns:

International alliances - joining the work between countries

  • Guidelines
  • Diagnostic testing

  • Tissue Banks

  • Local Services


17.30 Adjourn

DAY 2 - 2nd May 2007 - PROFESSIONALS DAY

  • This is a provisional agenda and is subject to change -


Presenter Presentation


Registration & Media interviews



Welcome to the Conference


Dr. Ian Gibson MP

Key Note Speech 


Professor Martin Pall

Biochemical Underpinnings of ME/CFS


Dr. Abhijit Chaudhuri

Pathology of ME/CFS

10.30 Coffee/tea Break


Dr. Vance Spence

Vascular aspects of ME/CFS


Dr. Sarah Myhill

Treatments and Diagnosis – A GP’s Perspective


Professor Kenny de Meirleir

Treatments – A ME Clinical Research Perspective

Medical Research and Treatment Updates

12:30 Lunch


Dr. Nigel Speight

Paediatrics and ME


Dr. Byron Hyde

The epidemiology, definitions and techniques of investigation of the ME and CFS patient and the resulting pathological findings or Case Studies / Thyroid Problems

14:40 Coffee/tea Break


Dr Jonathan Kerr

Research: A Year On: Viral and Human Gene Expression, development of diagnostic test, news of clinical trials

15:30 Dr Daniel Peterson Biomedical Research


Professor Malcolm Hooper

Summary - Future Strategy for ME Research, Diagnosis and Treatment


All Speakers

Open forum / Questions



Conference Speakers
We welcome applications to speak at the conference from physicians, researchers, academics, healthcare workers and others who have knowledge of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Amongst the speakers at the conference Invest in ME are pleased to announce the following presenters -

Dr.Abhijit Chaudhuri Consultant Neurologist at the Essex Centre of Neurological Science
Professor Kenny De Meirleir Professor of Physiology and Internal Medicine at Free University of Brussels in Belgium
Dr. Ian Gibson MP MP for Norwich North and chair of the Parliamentary Inquiry into ME
Professor Malcolm Hooper Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Sunderland
Dr. Byron Hyde Nightingale Research Foundation
Mr. Norman Lamb MP Member of Parliament for North Norfolk; Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary
Dr. Nigel Speight Consultant Paediatrician at Durham University Hospital
Dr. Jonathan Kerr Sir Joseph Hotung Senior Lecturer in Inflammation, St George's University of London
Dr. Sarah Myhill GP and Secretary of the British Society of Allergy, Environmental  and Nutritional Medicine
Dr. Daniel Peterson Whittemore Peterson Nevada CFS centre for Neuro-Immune disorders
Dr. Derek Pheby Project Coordinator, National ME Observatory, and Senior Fellow, University of Hull
Ellen Piro President of the Norwegian ME Association
Professor Martin Pall Professor of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University USA
Dr. Vance Spence Chairman ME Research UK
Annette Whittemore Chairman of Board of Directors HHV-6 Foundation and Nevada CFS Institute

Conference Format
Delegates are welcome to both days of the conference (see registration details by clicking the button at the right).

Day 1 (ME Awareness & Support Day - 1st May) will be aimed at people with ME and their carers, ME support groups and healthcare staff who wish to discuss in an informal style with many of the speakers who will attend the following main conference day event. It is an ideal opportunity for staff working in PCTs or hospitals to work together with patient organisations to better understand these issues.

Day 2 (Professionals Conference Day - 2nd May) will be aimed at GPs, researchers, medics, physicians, students, nurses and other healthcare staff associated with research and treatment of ME. People with ME and their carers are also welcome as there will be much which is relevant to everyone.

CPD Accreditation

The conference is fully CPD-accredited (12 points credit for the two days - 6 credits per day) by the Royal Colleges.

By clicking the buttons at the side you will be able to branch to the specific area of interest regarding the conference. There are both downloadable and online registration forms and details of the presenters.

Please note - this conference is a TICKET-ONLY event. Tickets must be purchased and received before the event.



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