The Gibson Inquiry into ME


Dr. Ian Gibson MP for Norwich North called for an independent
inquiry into Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and set up a working group.

This page contains details of the inquiry preparation. The call for the inquiry follows on from a meeting with Kevin Short.

Invest in ME Meets with Dr. Gibson

In November Dr. Gibson invited us to a meeting after we had emailed him asking for the status of the inquiry.

Dr.Gibson said that he has been trying to get people interested and wants to get people involved so that both sides of the biological vs psychiatric debate can be heard. He feels only then can we really begin to get to the bottom of this illness.

The main challenge is in getting people involved who are acceptable to all involved in the ME community. The aim is to make this a truly independent inquiry.

Dr. Gibson thought that there would be some news on who is to be involved by the end of the year. Results from the inquiry, he thought, would be available by Easter 2006.

We were also asked if we would like to be involved in participating in any inquiry - we said of course. In our letters to MPs in our ME and My MP campaign we have referred to the Gibson Inquiry.

One thing was agreed - ME is a political firebox - any time money is involved then so is politics.

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Request for Submissions


A submission to the Ian Gibson Independent Inquiry into ME has been made by Professor Malcolm Hooper, Eileen Marshall and Margaret Williams. Dated 7th November this document contains a list chronological events which precede this inquiry and which are relevant to enable a just and correct result to be obtained.

This link is here -

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Request for Submission


Requests for submission are still going out to prominent people in the ME Community and researchers

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Press Release Issued


Ian Gibson's office has issued this Press Release - see here

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Professor Malcolm Hooper's Response to Inquiry Press Release


Professor Malcolm Hooper has responded to the Press Release after disquiet is voiced within the ME Community at the path the Inquiry is taking - see here

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Accumulated Clinical Observations & Research 1955 - 2005 Submission


Professor Malcolm Hooper and his colleagues Eileen Marshall and Margaret Williams have submitted a comprehensive account of research carried out between 1955 and 2005 to the Gibson Inquiry - see here - as published on MEActionUK (permission to repost granted)

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Concerns About a Conflict of Interest Underlying the DWP Handbook Entry on ME


Professor Malcolm Hooper highlights concerns on possible underlying conflicts of interest with the Department of Work and Pensions and its commercial advisors. See here.

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The Inadequacy of the York Systematic Review of the CFS/ME Medical Evidence Base


Professor Malcolm Hooper and Horace Reid have analysed the York review of evidence-based treatment of CFS/ME which was intended to input into future NICE guidelines for CFS/ME. Read here of the York review's work.

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The group on Scientific Research into M.E. - List of members announced


Dr. Ian Gibson has confirmed the list of members on this group. They are -


Dr. Ian Gibson MP Chair
Dr. Richard Taylor MP Vice-Chair
Ms. Ann Cryer MP Secretary
Rt Hon Michael Meacher MP  
Dr. Des Turner MP  
Mr. David Taylor MP  
Lord Turnberg  
Baroness Cumberlege  
Countess Mar  

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The First Meeting of Group on Scientific Research into M.E.

18th April 2006

The first hearing of the Group on Scientific research is held in London with representatives of charities and ME organisations.


21st April 2006

Professor Malcolm Hooper commented on the first meeting of the Group - read here.

Presentation to Inquiry by ME Research UK and Dr. Jonathan Kerr

7th June 2006

Dr Neil Abbot, Dr Vance Spence and Dr Jonathan Kerr presented at the third oral hearing of the Group on Scientific Research into ME (Gibson Parliamentary Inquiry) in London - read here.

Website Launched for Gibson Inquiry

6th July 2006

Dr Ian Gibson's parliamentary inquiry has set up a web site. Here is the link.

Gibson Inquiry Report Published

26th November 2006

Dr Ian Gibson's parliamentary inquiry has published its report.


See here for the original version in PDF -
See here for the original version in Word -
See Invest in ME's Response here -
Further comment -

Gibson Inquiry News Bulletin - 5th January 2007

5th January 2007

Dr Ian Gibson has written to The Treasury, Minister for Work, the Chief Medical Officer, CEO of the Medical Research Council,  the CEO of Academy of Medical Sciences. See here.