Gibson Inquiry Press release 1 December 2005

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Group on Scientific Research into M.E.*

Press Release

Date:  01-12-05

Re: Inquiry into progress in the scientific research of M.E.

The Group on Scientific Research into M.E.

Dr. Ian Gibson MP today publicly launches the Group on Scientific Research into M.E.

Dr. Ian Gibson MP said:

  “The Chief Medical Officer’s report into CFS/ME represented an important step in Government’s recognition of the seriousness of M.E.  Three years on from this report, the time is right to evaluate how much further we have come in understanding the causes of M.E., establishing a programme of research on all aspects of the condition and securing adequate investment for this research.”


Terms of Reference:

The Group on Scientific Research into M.E. has been established to assess the progress of scientific research on M.E., since the publication of the Chief Medical Officer’s Working Group Report into CFS/ME in 2002.  In particular the group has been established to:

    o       increase public understanding of scientific research into ME/CFS
    o       evaluate progress in the development of a full programme of research into ME/CFS
    o       identify research and funding requirements in establishing the cause of ME/CFS

Starting in early 2006, hearings will take place as part of the Group’s inquiries.  These hearings will take oral evidence from M.E. sufferers, leading medical experts and government officials on the progress of scientific research on the condition.  The group has also written to both leading medical experts and charity organisations requesting written evidence on this subject, with a deadline for written submissions of Tuesday the 20th of December.  It is the group’s aim to release a report based on this evidence following the conclusion of oral hearings.  We are not inflexible in our agenda, but we wish to conclude it by Easter.  

Enquiries about the group should be made in writing to Dr Ian Gibson MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.  Unfortunately, due to administrative constraints on the group, we will not be able to respond to replies sent in return to this email address.


Editors Notes: * M.E. is also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It is sometimes diagnosed  as Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS).


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