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Invest in ME Research are proud to announce that Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) has made a very generous donation to support Invest in ME Research with administrative costs in arranging the 14th International ME Conference in London in May.

IiMER chairman Kathleen McCall writes -

" This wonderful generosity cements further the supportive relationship between IiMER and OMF.

For the 2019 conference IiMER had already allocated a display table for OMF in the Great Hall.

This year we have also invited many researchers to speak who are also involved in research projects funded by OMF .
Dr Ron Tompkins from Harvard will be speaking at both Colloquium and Conference events.
We have also invited Dr Tompkins' British collaborators to the Colloquium who are working with in order to facilitate the OMF funded research.
Professor Ron Davis returns also to speak at BRMEC9 and IIMEC14 to provide new updates on the exciting research being performed at Stanford and funded by OMF. Dr Wenzhong Xiao from Harvard also returns to the IiMER events following his first appearance last year.

Linda Tannenbaum, Founder & CEO/President of Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) from OMF is no stranger to IiMER conferences.
Linda has been invited to all of our Colloquium and Conference events over the last 5 years and many collaborations with OMF researchers have been made at the IiMER events.
IiMER recognised early on the potential contribution that OMF would be making to research into ME when we invited Linda to give one of our earlier pre-conference dinner presentations in 2013.
This was on our DVD from the conference and we have now made this available on our You Tube channel - (see below).
Thank you again OMF for your support for Invest in ME Research and for your work for people with ME"

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BRMEC9 Colloquium

IIMEC14 Conference

Thinking the Future

Linda Tannenbaum, Founder & CEO/President of Open Medicine Foundation (OMF)
IIMEC8 Pre-Conference Keynote Speech

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