Spare a Thought for ME this Christmas

There is a light-hearted theme to this winter page but it is here also to ask for a thought to be spared whenever giving presents - see Ways to Help This Christmas (below).

Our apologies if the snow flakes annoy you (they disappear when you scroll down).
We look forward to a New Year full of hope with good science and biomedical research  providing the breakthroughs in understanding and treating myalgic encephalomyelitis.

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Ways to Help this Christmas

A few years ago research showed that 1.2 BILLION (no misquote - one point two BILLION pounds) is wasted each Christmas on unwanted presents. Apparently people spend, on average, 33 each by panic buying of  last-minute gifts.

So here are a few ideas to avoid the waste and put that money to a good cause.

Why not give a present for ME this Christmas? There are many ways possible - some suggestions are made below.



Please support Invest in ME.

 Invest in ME is run by volunteers and has no salaried staff. Any donations are used to promote and fund education, publicity and lobbying relating to ME and biomedical research.

Use our Gift Aid form to donate to Invest in ME

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Give As You Earn

Donate to Biomedical Research

Use Give as you Earn in order for donations to be taken automatically from your salary. This allows your chosen  charity to receive your money and it costs you up to 40% less in the tax you would otherwise pay. This is for those receiving a taxable income.


2/Come to Our Conference

35 buys a day at our conference for a pwme. Help us help the ME community. Click here

Sponsor a GP - special rates for ME Groups who sponsor a medical professional who comes to the conference. Click here




Order an Invest in ME International ME/CFS  Conference DVDs


From the Invest in ME International ME/CFS Conferences - look at the science from distinguished clinicians, researchers and experts on ME/CFS. The DVDs from the CPD-accredited conferences are available here and includes extras such as interviews with speakers and TV films about ME from ITV Meridian and Norway's NRK channel. Buy the DVDs which have been sold in over twenty countries around the world.

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4/ Donate to the Invest in ME Biomedical Research Fund

From our January 2009 Newsletter - we plan to establish a biomedical research fund for ME - click here


5/ Use Every Click

We welcome any donations and help to allow Invest in ME to continue to campaign for better services for people with ME and their families.  By using Every Click (click here) and making IiME your charity of your choice then you can earn money for IiME as you surf the web - and it is free to join and to use.



Lost Voices

Providing a voice for those severely affected with myalgic encephalomyelitis

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Donate to the Whittemore-Peterson Institute


The hope for the future

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