We have chosen the current venue for our conference week events was to allow more space within the conference venue.
The auditorium at Hinxton Hall allows more social distancing than would otherwise be the case.

We will not allow the maximum number of seats to be filled for any event, thus allowing seating to be chosen with space between delegates – both horizontally and vertically as the auditorium is at different levels.

For the colloquium delegates, who may be attending for the whole conference week, we advise bringing your own lateral flow tests (or equivalent) to use before, and following your travel.

As the government formally removed all restrictions around facemask wearing, it is your personal choice if you want to wear a mask.
We just ask you to be considerate of your peers.
Mask usage is encouraged and delegates should not feel shy in using them.

Masks will be available at the registration desk for those delegates who do not have one.
The venue does have hand sanitiser stations positioned in the building.

We will be asking delegates to be respectful of others by keeping your distance where possible and being aware of personal space.

For dinners we have reserved a closed part of the dining area and there are large sliding doors that may be opened, dependent on the weather. There is also an option to sit outside, weather permitting

For the conference day lunch we will select easy access lunch and the grounds of the conference venue provide an opportunity to be outside.

Only pre-registered delegates will attend the conference week events – there will be no ‘walk-ins’. The events are ticket-only.

We request that delegates remain in their seats for the duration of the presentations.

We encourage delegates to bring their own notepad and pen with them.

If you are displaying any symptoms prior to arriving at the venue, we respectfully ask that you remain at home.

Invest in ME Research are unable to verify that all delegates will abide by the above recommendations and are unable to guarantee that delegates will not become infected with any virus.

In attending any of the conference week events at Hinxton Hall all delegates implicitly acknowledge that you are comfortable with and will assume personal responsibility for the possible risk of infection and sickness.

Invest in ME Research will not be liable for any infection or sickness related to the conference.

For more information on how to avoid catching and spreading COVID-19 visit the NHS website.