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Running for ME Across the EU

IiMER believes that rapid progress in resolving ME will be aided by European collaboration.
As if to symbolise this we have one supporter performing not one
unselfish act - but a whole series of them, across several years,
and across the EU continent.
One of IiMER's great supporters – Mike Harley – is running 28 EU
marathons to support the charity in raising awareness and developing
a Centre of Excellence for ME that can see international translational biomedical translational research set up in a European hub, with
European collaboration, able to develop treatments for ME.
Apart from raising funds and enormous awareness of ME Mike has also been able to look at issues in each European country. His blog not only details his marathon events but also his discussions
with ME patients in the country in which he is running.
Our thanks to Mike seem totally inadequate for his efforts in raising funds and awareness.
Something that few may realise is that Mike is funding all of this himself. He has refused to accept funds from the charity in any way.
And now with a young child his and his family's sacrifices are all the more staggering.
Mike has "just" the last few marathons to complete of this amazing venture.
Despite being severely hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic Mike has still visited Bulgaria recently to run there. Marathons are still being cancelled in 2021 causing Mike to lose his own money on travel costs.
An amazing guy and friend to people with ME. Mike's fundraising page is here
Mike's facebook page is here
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