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A new update to our B-cell/rituximab projects being funded at UCL which brings the total raised so far for projects there to £508,000.
At the UK Centre of Excelence plans are progressing for the UK rituximab trial.
This is a project which has continued to be developed with close collaboration between UCL, UEA, IFR, Oxford University and the Norwegian researchers at Haukeland in Bergen, Norway.

After the excellent journalism carried out by BBC Look East (click here) - who have covered the visit by the Norwegian Haukeland University Hospital researchers to Norwich in January - this is more excellent news as we continue to develop plans for the UK rituximab trial in Norwich Research Park and enhance the development of the UK Centre of Excellence for ME which now has 5 PhDs working on research into ME and a post-doc/research assistant about to be advertised.

These developments have been thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our supporters - something we never lose sight of.

There is a bright future for the UK Centre of Excellence in Norwich Research Park - with international collaboration now well under way with institutes and universities in Europe and USA. This has been one of the main objectives of Invest in ME Research in building a strategy of biomedical research in Europe.

This collaboration continues and the upcoming International Biomedical Research into ME Colloquium 7 in London has involvement from the major centres around the world as well as CDC and NIH from USA. click here.

Our dedicated microsite for the rituximab/B-cell research project with more details is available here.

We are now funding future phases of the work to build the Centre of Excellence for ME foundations. We welcome more support to establish the UK Centre of Excellence for ME.

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Our mascot, Professor Ldifme, was created by Jan Laverick and indicates the B-cell/rituximab total - posters by LDIFME's Jan Laverick.

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Last Update April 2017