Minister Nick H√¶kkerup  
cc:  Per Fink


  Nils Balle Christensen


  Jens Gyring


Karina Hansen

Dear Minister,


Invest in ME is a UK charity which promotes better education about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME or ME/CFS) and initiates and funds biomedical research into ME.

We have heard of the case of Karina Hansen who is diagnosed with ME and who is the subject of some international attention regarding her treatment.


Last year we wrote to the previous minister for health, and to the physicians who have been treating her, with an offer to help.

This year we have twice written to you and to the physicians at Hammel Neurocentre to repeat this offer (in the attached letter).


We have received no reply.


Indifference to the plight of people affected by ME is nothing new to us - we experience that lack of any sense of concern from UK officials on a regular basis.

From whichever source it comes it is always unacceptable - and especially so when it concerns a young adult who seemingly cannot defend herself.


We have already mentioned that the charity organises a conference and research meeting in London every year. 

We would ask you again to consider the attached letter from the charity and our repeated offer to help you help Karina.


This is an offer to help with the treatment of Karina using the experience of a wide range of researchers and physicians who will be gathered together in London in May.

Together with members of the European ME Alliance we are prepared to help you to help Karina.


This is an opportunity to apply some of the best knowledge about ME to help one of your citizens.

We would respectfully state that is your responsibility to consider this offer,

Yours Sincerely


Kathleen McCall 
and the Board of Invest in ME

Invest in ME (Research)
UK Charity NR 1114035
9th Invest in ME International ME Conference 2014