Fundraising Campaigns to Support Haukeland University Hospital Research in Bergen


In our December newslet (click here) we reported on the Norwegian ME-association having launched a website for a fundraising for the continuation of the Rituximab-study by Drs Mella and Fluge of Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen -

Two Norwegian oncologists had, with immune modulating medicine given to ME-patients, seen a remarkable improvement in 2/3 of the patients in the study. Before any final conclusion can be made, a larger study is needed to be done by the Norwegian oncologists.


As we stated "Invest in ME wish to give this campaign our support and we will attempt to help as best we can, recognising how important this is for future research and developments of treatments for ME".

There are now a numberof  initiatives being made in Europe to make this happen.

Apart from the Norwegian ME Association there is Maria Gjerpe, a Norwegian medical doctor and an ME patient, who herself has had good experience from the effects of Rituximab and now feels completely healthy. She had her last injection of Rituximab in March 2013. For a period of time, she has been  healthy. During this latest period, for 90 days, she wants to crowd fund a larger clinical trial on Rituximab. Maria is the Founder and Chairman of the board at MEandYou.

EMEA members RME from Sweden and Verein ME/CFS from Switzerland have also begun funding campaigns.

This is not a competition - all groups are raising funds for the same clinical trials. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the total could be reached by the time of the 8th Invest in ME International ME Conference in London on 31st May, at which Professor Mella and Dr Fluge are speaking?

A great opportunity for positive news and publicity for people with ME and their families.

Let us hope.

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