Invest in ME Newsletter Special November 2006

No.06/11-1 November 2006

Welcome to a Special Invest in ME Newsletter concerning the NICE Draft Consultation Document for CFS/ME.


Having reviewed the full version of the NICE Draft Guidelines the IiME response is now available at this address - 

Reading the full version of the draft guidelines is no easy task for a fully fit person, let alone for a person having to combat the effects of ME. Some of our observations of the guidelines include -

  • The document is inconsistent in a number of areas - especially terminology
  • Psychiatric paradigms are embodied in the recommendations for therapy and treatment
  • Graded Exercise Treatment (GET), already known to be potentially harmful to people with ME, is put forward as a therapy/treatment
  • GET is put forward, along with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), as treatments of first choice
  • The NICE group formulating these guidelines show a disingenous side by comparing the use of these treatments for ME with the use of these treatments for cancer and diabetes and other illnesses
  • The intention to keep as broad a range of fatigue states as possible within this document is clearly evidenced
  • Essential biomedical research which distinctly shows the biological nature of ME is ignored 
  • The layout and format of the document is poor
  • The objectives of the Nice Draft Guidelines are not met

IiME find the NICE Draft Guidelines unacceptable as they are. A unique chance has been lost and all patient groups need to consider seriously whether to allow these guidelines to see the light of day.

If you wish to contact IiME about the NICE guidelines, or our response, please  contact us.



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