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Christmas/New Year Fund Appeal Advent Calendar

UK charity Invest in ME Research has been working for over fourteen years to find, facilitate and fund high-quality biomedical research into ME.

The charity has been responsible for initiating projects such as the European ME Alliance, European ME Research Group and European Clinicians Council to build the necessary infrastructure to increase research capacity and agree standards as well as improve patient care.
It has taken too long - but the charity and its amazing supporters have led the way in bringing forth changes that has forced a turn-around in the direction that would have otherwise continued to be followed.

The charity believes that high-quality biomedical research into ME is necessary to uncover the cause(s) of ME and facilitate development of treatments for the disease.

Our Christmas/New Year Fund Appeal this year aims to raise funds to help fund a clinical trial for ME, within a UK/European Centre of Excellence for ME - one of several initiatives by the charity.
This trial will answer scientific questions, develop further the infrastructure to support future research into ME and examinations of people with ME.

Our strategy continues to be to develop further this UK/European hub that can attract researchers, physicians and healthcare staff to study and treat this disease and allow collaboration with other Centres of Excellence in other countries as the foundations expand.

Please use our Christmas Advent Calendar during December and look at different aspects of ME - some of the issues, some information, what we are doing, what needs to be done, out hopes for a brighter future.

We wish all people with ME and their families some respite from the effects and consequences of this disease and look forward to making rapid progress in research into ME for the future.

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